CRUSADER Mercury Star Runner (2020)

ESPERIS- Prowler (2020)

ANVIL- Ballista (2019)

ANVIL- Hawk (2018)


CNOU MUSTANG  Alpha/Beta/Gamma (2018)


The Anvil U4A-3 Terrapin is an armored vehicle designed for overwatch, long-endurance picket, and to add reconnaissance capabilities to the fleet, as well as extend the UEE Navy’s ability to provide a patrol presence to border systems that couldn’t be allocated capital ships or large fighter garrisons for defense.

In Anvil Terrapin project i worked on the exterior 3D  modeling. I had so much fun with this spaceship, especially in the design concept of Terrapin and it’s characteristic of the spaceship. The most difficult part of this spaceship was considering the interior design of the spaceship; due to landing gears, weapons and Characters movements. In the game itself the characters are able to move freely inside of the ship and they are also able to fly the spaceship. So far Anvil Terrapin is my favorite ship, I have made.

DRAKE Buccaneer - Star Citizen (2017)

The Buccaneer has been designed from the ground up to fly and fight the way you live. No leather interiors or hyperpillows here: the ‘Bucc is a scrapper designed to maneuver and fight above its weight class. This rough-and-tumble frontier fighter can be maintained in the worst of conditions in order to keep real, working space crews alive.

This ship was the first ship i had modeled the exterior part of the ship alone in CIG. Drake Buccaneer has very interesting design, because it has two humongous engines and rear landing gear. I personally think this gives more characteristic about this ship. When working on this ship I tried my best to keep its original design as much as I can. This ship was designed by famous concept artist Jim, Martin, I was very honored to work with him.

 Caterpillar - Star Citizen (2015)

First introduced in 2871, Drake Interplanetary’s Caterpillar has long proven to be a reliable, cost-effective multi-role vessel, capable of being outfitted for everything from mercantile operations to combat support. Long hailed as a hard-fought alternative to the ubiquitous Hull series, the Caterpillar is a freighter that doesn’t skimp on weaponry or customization


Drake Caterpillar was the first task I have done in CIG. I have joined in with Elwin and Daniel in LA Ship team who were in charge of the Caterpillar project. I have worked on many different designs of the interior and exterior. For the interior, I have modeled the main engines in engine room, control panels, the wall of cargo modules, and screens for habitation room. For exterior, I have worked on the grey box modeling of the Caterpillar, main engines, and command module. I have also  helped baking the texture work for Drake.

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