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Ekko (League Of Legends - Fan Art) WIP (2016)

Ekko,the boy who shattered time, is one of the champions in the League of Legends. While working on Ekko, I envisioned a skilled assassin who defeats his enemies and anyone who challenges hims. Ekko’s abilities help him to capture the enemy's base. In order to create to a high polygon model of Ekko, I attempted to utilize the daring proportions and silhouettes associated with Riot characters.

During the design process however, I was faced with the unique challenge of having two disparate references: the video game trailer and the game itself. Rather than merely basing Ekko on one reference, I opted to integrate both designs. When working on the textures, I picked complementary colors to enhance Ekko’s original design. As with characters in the League of Legends, I handpainted Ekko to create diffuse textures. Furthermore, Specular map and normal map were used for final rendering of Ekko in Marmoset Toolbag to express the next generation game character.

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